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  • Laura Ortiz

    Laura Ortiz

    Más perdida que una cabra en un garaje

  • Teresa Trueba

    Teresa Trueba

  • Connor Axiotes

    Connor Axiotes

    A Lancaster University Philosophy and Politics Student. This is a space for my intermittent, often spontaneous, views

  • Steve LeVine

    Steve LeVine

    Editor at Large, Medium, covering the turbulence all around us, electric vehicles, batteries, social trends. Writing The Mobilist. Ex-Axios, Quartz, WSJ, NYT.

  • Jacob Grandstaff

    Jacob Grandstaff

    M.A. in History | Virginia | “When I say work I only mean writing. Everything else is just odd jobs.” — Margaret Laurence

  • Globechain


    The largest reuse marketplace connecting corporates to charities, smes and people, redistributing unneeded items and creating social impact.

  • Hannah Davies

    Hannah Davies

    Accredited psychologist, England. Smuggling useful truths out of academia. Gen Z.

  • Francesca Bracci

    Francesca Bracci

    Edinburgh | MA Sociology and Politics. I write about social political issues, often about sustainability and climate change.

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